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What steps are you taking to increase the affection that prospects and customers feel toward your brand? How are you getting them to "love" you instead of "like" you? A positive brand experience will lead to profitability and growth. By acting as your Brand Ambassador, I'll help you create Brand Love through social and traditional marketing channels. Together we can explore all your brand and marketing opportunities.

►Brand Strategy
►Project Management of Creative Development
►Digital Marketing
►LinkedIn Social Engagement
►LinkedIn Personal Profile Creation and Optimization
►LinkedIn Company Profile Creation and Optimization
►Facebook Social Engagement
►Facebook Business Page Creation.

Available on a project-to-project basis or on retainer.
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With LinkedIn having over 300 million members, it may pay to upgrade to the premium version in order to gain competitive advantage and further enhance your brand image. Check out the new features that were available this past Wednesday to premium members.

1. An image-centric look that includes a larger profile photo (450 x 450 pixels) and an expanded custom profile background image (1400 x 425…

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Activity Feed Returns to LinkedIn Profile Pages

LinkedIn ImageAs of May 22, 2014, LinkedIn is slowly rolling back in the Activity Feed feature to Profile Pages, however this time, it’s in a different location. Don’t fret if you don’t have this feature yet, it will soon be available to you in the near future.  Only activity from the past two weeks will be displayed. To view your recent activity or someone else’s, all you have to do is:

  1. Move your cursor over…

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The CMO’s Guide to the 2014 Social Landscape

This infographic is a fantastic guide to the CMO’s (and all marketer’s) social landscape. It shows the advantages and disadvantages of each social media with regard to SEO, brand awareness, customer communication and traffic generation.

LinkedIn_SymbolsWhat better time than now to update your LinkedIn profile to make it stand out among the other 259 million users?Using  bullets, symbols and visual cues in your LinkedIn profile will definitely help to make yours stand out from the crowd in a positive way especially if you use them conservatively. My suggestion to you would be to use arrows, stars or vertical lines in your headline and title…

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Activity Feed On LinkedIn Profile Pages Removed! Find Out Why And A Work-around Solution!

If you’re like me and wondering what happened to your status updates that you used to be able to…

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[Infographic] 12 Things to do After You’ve Written a New Blog Post

You’ve spent a ton of time researching and writing your blog post for the world to see and,…

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4 Ways to Gain Followers on Your LinkedIn Company Page

If you’re not taking advantage of LinkedIn’s Company Pages, then you’re missing out on a huge…

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How To Schedule Facebook Posts

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[Infographic] 10 Tips For Writing Content That Ranks in 2013

According to an infographic from, Google actually prefers natural-sounding…

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[Infographic] 5 Ways To Make Your Make Your Linkedin Profile Irresistible

A positive online presence is critical to any professional’s life, whether you’re a job seeker or…

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